Order Management

While the SIS already provides you with basic information on Purchase Orders and items, the OMS is specifically designed to assist you in managing and tracking your PO fulfillment status at an item level. It connects you with your shippers and M+R Spedag as your logistics provider and allows the sharing and exchange of information on the same platform. As the tracking and management requirements vary from one company to another, the OMS is specifically designed to be customized and to fulfill such needs. It can also be customized to pull information from other systems and merge them with PO information. While the SIS can send information by EDI into external systems, the OMS also has the capability of receiving EDI information.

Process description:
  • Data is transferred by email / FTP upload / EDI method, scheduled automatically
  • Supplier finds his related order in booking form and
  • Acknowledges order receipt
  • Creates packing list by uploading line item per line item
  • Books the shipment online & attaches packing list
  • M+R arranges cargo shipment with carrier, update shipping information
  • Supplier creates container loading manifest
  • Supplier creates invoice

We thus merge shipping information with P.O. information and transfer it back via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to your in-house system. Key features of the OMS include:

  • Ability to accept EDI PO
  • Electronic PO confirmation - ensuring proper & timely receipt of PO by the suppliers
  • Electronic creation of commercial invoice and packing list - minimizing data entry work and improving data quality by reusing the information from electronic PO
  • Linking of PO and item in electronic booking
  • Electronic booking confirmation
  • Tracking of PO fulfillment status at item and container level
  • A list of standard reports e.g. PO Upload, PO on Water, Late PO, etc.
  • Exception management and special report by customization